Do you have examples of  Stark Park acquired areas in Jackson Township for grasslands and conservation zones?

Here are a few photos of the Glendale Village Connection Green Space Projects by Stark Parks.

Glendale Village Connection was purchased with an Ohio Public Works grant like the type being used for the 80 acres of Tam O’Shanter.

This 18 acre green space was purchased with a $212,500 Public Works Grant  on 3/2016 with a completion date of 12/2016. This area is bordered by Hills and Dales, Wackerly, and Everhard.  It contains  8 acres of a headwater stream tributary, riparian wetlands, stream and floodplain.



   Click below for photos of Devonshire Park.  This is a 75 acre Stark Park with access via South Boulevard.  It has a mowed nature trail through grasslands and conservation zones.


Why should we be worried about increased Traffic and Crime?

the intersection at Fulton and Everhard currently averages about 42,000 vehicles per day.  The convergence at Sibila and Fulton averages 29,000.  Both of these intersections are listed on Jackson Township’s top 10 traffic accident locations.  Rezoning would only cause further congestion and danger.


Comparing the size of the area to be rezoned with Belden Village statistics, shows us that this change in zoning designation will be adding additional workload to our Jackson Township Police Department.  Can they handle an additional 29 police calls each day? Jackson Police statistics for Section 24, which includes Belden Village and some of the surrounding retail, had 10,621 police calls and 461 arrests in 2016.

Isn’t the rest of
Tam O’Shanter going to be a park?

We have heard that Tam O’Shanter Company says that IF the B3 zoning is passed, THEN they will sell to Stark Parks at a reduced price, 205 acres on the Hills and Dales side of the golf course.   They say that IF the B3 zoning is passed, THEN they will “donate” 20 acres to Jackson Parks that can only be accessed through the B3 commercial district off Fulton.  We believe this 20 acres is planned to be used for soccer fields.  According to Tam O’Shanter Company, to get the Open Green Space and Parkland, you MUST allow the zoning change FIRST.  If the zoning change passes, Jackson Township has NO guarantee that the “Park” deal will go through.  AND there are NO “do-overs” on the zoning change.


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Existing B3 Zoned Available Properties In  Jackson

The following photos show a fraction of available commercial properties for infill, redevelopment, and revitalization. Most shown are B3!


Area to be Re-Zoned

Chronic stress from excessive noise, excessive light, general pollution, trash, crime and safety concerns will affect the health of the neighborhoods forced to allow B3 zoning next door.

Jackson Township does not need any more commercial property.

If the B3 zoning is approved, there is NO going back.  We urge you to investigate for yourself and make your own decision. Please share this website with your neighbors and friends in Jackson Township.  HOPEFULLY, the voters of Jackson will be allowed to decide.  Please VOTE!


or call: 234-804-8638


The rezoning of over 60 acres at Tam O'Shanter golf course along Fulton and Everhard roads is a change in designation from rural residential to B-3 commercial which would introduce many problems for local citizens.  Rezoning this land without understanding the impact would be disastrous.

The purpose of Jackson Decides is to encourage the social welfare and well-being of the community through promoting education and awareness about Jackson Township’s zoning amendment issue and legal rights of Jackson Township voters.  We are receiving and designating contributions to be used for advertisement and educational purposes, including fliers, postcards, mailings, signs and other forms of media and offer programs to generate awareness and provide information to Jackson Township voters.

What Is B3 Zoning?

 This is taken from Jackson Township Zoning Resolution page 78-88

B-3 Commercial Business District. The purpose of this district is to provide for a variety of retail, service, and administrative establishments, which are necessary to serve a large trading area population. This district is also intended to accommodate retail trade establishments in the community that cannot be practically provided for in a neighborhood business district development. This district also includes activities which because of their nature, such as their tendency to encourage traffic congestion and parking problems, storage problems, or certain other inherent dangers, create special problems and are, therefore, best distinguished from other commercial activity. Their location is advantageous at specified points on major thoroughfares and at outlying locations in the community.


preserve our township
VOTE no on issue 38

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